Website Optimization

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your website is always running at its best. Certain optimization features include improving your site’s performance speed, increasing leads, and boosting your search engine ratings.

Malware Cleanup

A malware infection can drastically reduce your site’s traffic and affect its reputation. MDG does a full scan of your site and removes any infected files. We run a security audit to ensure your site’s protection in the future, and provide a number of other services to keep your site healthy and running smoothly.


Responsive website design is essential for any site to stay ahead of the curve. With the numerous screen sizes and orientations used by consumers, the more ably your site can adapt, the better.

CMS Upgrade

Operating with an old version of your content management system leaves your site prone to bugs and other issues, such as slow performance speed. We consistently keep your site up-to-date and running at its best.